the past decade

So much of my social media feeds have been filled with reflecting on the last year or the past decade, so I decided to do the same and reflect on my life's timeline over the last ten years. I had to sit back and really think, "What was a I doing in 2010?" to get the ball rolling. 2010 In … Continue reading

why & where we shop small

I want to start by saying thank you for shopping small and always supporting my small business. Every purchase, like, comment, or shout out makes me feel like a million bucks and I'm so grateful for the continued support I've received over the years. As a small business owner, I feel such a … Continue reading

DIY ninja turtle costumes

Making memories trick-or-treating, leftover Snickers bars, and DIY costumes are a few of the reasons I love Halloween. Trick-or-treating wasn't a part of my childhood, but something I knew I wanted my little ones to enjoy. We have an array of costumes that the littles dress up in daily, but there … Continue reading

favorite fall fashion finds

Anyone else love a good alliteration? I've always been a fan. I've also always been a fan of leopard print and am over the moon that it's back on trend. It falls in the neutral category for me, which is probably the best description for my style. Neutral. My closet is color coordinated and ranges … Continue reading