standing on the promises of God

After a week in Colorado skiing with my love, it was quite difficult transitioning back into the real world. To add to the stress, our engagement photo session is this Saturday – I repeat, this Saturday!

All along I had idea after idea of how I envisioned our engagement photo session going. With pinterest, the ideas just kept streaming. Lately I’ve been dreaming of burlap, old books, a deck of cards, and a quilt – simplicity. To make my vision possible, it’s time to get to work! With my new sewing machine, an old hymnal, scissors, paint, and burlap, I began prop project #1 – a “thank-you” pendant banner.

This project has me extra excited for our engagement session! I can’t wait to showoff our favorite photos from the shoot.








Want to make your own? Here are my step-by-step directions for a homemade pendant banner.

Step 1. Chose my favorite hymns. Cut isosceles triangles out of the pages. (Any type of paper or book would work.)

Step 2: Paint a letter on each triangle. (I’m spelling “Thank You” – so, I started with T.)

Step 3: Cut a strip of burlap, approximately 1″ in width. (This step allows the paint to dry.)

Step 4: Sew away. Fold the burlap strip over each triangle and sew together. (Make sure to leave space for rope or string to thread the pendant letters together.)

Step 5: Admire your finished product.

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