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When I was pregnant with Joy Belle, was new and unfamiliar to most, but I loved it then and I love it now. It makes registering so simple; plus, I absolutely love how it compares prices and allows you to register in one place to various stores. Although I keep saying there isn’t much we need, as I’ve added things to our list, I’ve realized which products are essential and which ones I’d splurge on this go round.


Cloth diapers. We used these by BumGenius with Joy Belle and loved them! Not only were they perfect for us, we used them up until she was about 20 months old – saving us tons of money we would have spent on disposable diapers. (We did use these Honest and Seventh Generation diapers until little bit could fit in her cloth diapers.)

Wipes. As green as I may seem using cloth diapers, I couldn’t see myself washing wipes, so I tried a few options with Joy Belle and found Seventh Generation wipes to be our favorite.

Rock ‘n’ Play Sleeper. I actually never registered for this, but a new mom recommended it to me and it turned out to be one of our absolute favorite gifts. It’s lightweight, making moving it from room to room simple; plus, it allows baby to sleep elevated, which is ideal with reflux. We loved it because it also helped us keep Joy Belle’s feet elevated while she played and slept. It served as our bassinet too!

Car seat. We just moved Joy Belle to this convertible seat by Britax and will reuse our infant seat for baby boy. They are a little on the pricey side, but safety was something I was not willing to compromise on and felt was worth the extra dollar. We actually purchased the travel system with Joy Belle and couldn’t love the combo more.

Nursing pillow. We opted for the oh-so-popular boppy and still use it for snoozing today! I recommend it because it’s comfortable and makes those late night feedings just a wee-bit easier. We found this cover on Etsy, but there are tons of options out there.

Nursing cover/car seat cover. If a friend is pregnant and intends on breastfeeding, this is my go-to gift! It was one of my most used products and even Justin considers it a necessity. Covered Goods has created a nursing cover that doubles as a carseat and grocery cart cover. Added bonus, it’s available in several adorable prints!

Sleep sacks. With Joy Belle in casts, these Halo sleep sacks were highly recommended. But, I’ll say they seem perfect for all babies! Too often I hear “my baby doesn’t like to be swaddled” and I can say, these sleep sacks are the best solution. They keep baby warm without the risk of suffocation and we love the arms-free option. Joy Belle actually slept in a sleep sack until she was a little over a year old.

Monitor. This was something I was actually told I didn’t need, but I felt like I did and I’m so glad we got it. It’s been so helpful with our non-sleeper. I can check the camera to see if she’s actually waking up or stirring out of discomfort. It gives me a peace of mind knowing that she’s ok (even if she’s crying), without the urgency to go into her room to check on her. Since we already have this monitor (& I’m not ready to move Joy Belle’s camera), we’re going to purchase a 2nd camera for the same monitor. How awesome is it that you can add an extra camera? There are newer editions of our monitor too.


Dock a Tot. Ok, so I haven’t actually tried this one but seeing as I already have a non-sleeper, I feel like I should splurge and try the Dock a Tot. The reviews are off the charts and peg us to a tee! It seems functional and cute, but the price has me on the fence. After all, baby boy could be a wonderful sleeper… right? (I can dream, or wish since I don’t sleep.)

The Lobster. We have a bumbo, which we’ve taken to restaurants and family/friends houses to help our little one sit-up. But recently I discovered the Lobster by phil & ted and want one! It actually attaches to most tables, folds into a small carrier, and fits inside a booth.

Happy mats. This design by ezpz is great for feeding little ones; and they are super cute and functional!

Diaper bag. Knowing my arms are about to be full, I’ve been on the look-out for a backpack option for a diaper bag. Not only has Fawn Design created that, but they’ve designed a beautifully handsome option that’s super functional. Backpack straps, outside pockets, inside pockets, faux leather for easy cleaning, and stylish, I couldn’t ask for more.

Baby book. I never found a baby book I loved with Joy Belle, so I practically did backflips when I discovered this simple and beautiful book by Mushybooks. It’s a bit on the pricey side, but it’s so timeless and leaves so much space for handwritten notes, photos, and memorable tags, stickers, and such. I’m trying to convince Justin that I need one for baby boy and Joy Belle too.

Baby wearing. We never really used one with Joy Belle, but I have a feeling my hands will be full with a 2 year old and an infant. I’m obsessing over these Lalabu Soothe Shirts. They seem to simplify baby wearing.

MamaRoo. I’m still in shock that I actually won one of these while pregnant with Joy Belle. It turned out to be used less than I ever imagined, but I say it’s because Joy Belle was an exception. I have big plans for baby boy to use this gadget and swing along to beats from my iPhone. We’ll see how it goes, but moms all over rave about it – so I’m happy to say we have one.

After having a wee one, what do you consider necessities? I know my list of must-haves changed drastically after actually having a baby.

You can view our complete for baby boy Heape here.

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