Whenever I decided to homeschool Joy Belle, there were several things to consider, including curriculum, my work schedule, and what was best for Joy Belle. After doing some research, I decided to invest in the My Father’s World Pre-K curriculum. I love that it’s a 4-day curriculum (especially for her age!) and that it combines typical school lessons with scripture too.

After several months of using this curriculum, I’ve learned what works for us and what doesn’t. Now I use the weekly plans as a guide and for inspiration. We stick to the letters, numbers, and shapes, but I’ve found several other resources for activities and reading. Since I get asked about this often, I thought I would share.

I’ve found these resources to be very helpful, but the best resource is the world around us. Our children are little sponges and they soak up every detail of our day. I’ve started seeing lessons in everyday tasks and using each moment of our day for fun, practical learning. We use every opportunity to learn – from grocery shopping or visiting a neighbor, to cooking dinner. When you start looking at things from their perspective, you’ll find so many ways to teach throughout the day.

As much as I felt called to do it, I never imagined how much I would enjoy it. I look forward every day to seeing both big kids learn and finding new ways to teach them. Witnessing them discovering new things is daily confirmation that God’s hand has been on this school year and our decision to homeschool.

Another question I get asked often is: how long do you plan on homeschooling? The truth. I have no idea. I would love to say forever. I 100% felt called to do it this year. This year, it made sense. This year, it was an answer to prayer. But for now, we’re taking it year by year.

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