we’re registered

With all of the wedding planning happening so fast, I almost forgot about the fun stuff… registering! After an awesome Friday with Justin, attending his University of Georgia Commencement ceremony – we enjoyed a Saturday afternoon filled with registering. To be honest, we did the majority of it online. However, there were a few special boutiques that online registering wasn’t an option. So we hit the ground running.


We enjoyed a lunch, double date with two good friends, Augusta and Jason. Then we headed to Place on the Pointe in Albany, Georgia. It was fun to see the dishes we’d chosen and add serving trays, coffee mugs, and much more. We picked out a few Tervis tumblers, UGA memorabilia, Christmas decor, and pewter pieces. The biggest surprise was how much Justin really enjoyed it!

While the gift of your presence at our wedding is absolutely ample, our registry information can be seen here – for those who are interested. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!


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