30 more days!

With only 30 days left until Justin and I become Mr. and Mrs. Heape, we thought we’d share with you a few of our favorite times together. Over the last few years, we’ve managed to create a lot of memories.

30 of our favorite memories together

  1. the proposal
  2. New Year’s when Justin first told me, “I love you.”
  3. when Justin surprised me with tickets to see the Hawks in the play-offs
  4. Spring Break 2007 with some of our best friends
  5. A-day in Auburn
  6. breakfast from Michael’s in between classes at Darton
  7. sneaking corn dogs into a movie for our Halloween date
  8. taking turn reading out loud Decision Points on our road-trip to Helen, Georgia
  9. our road trips to the beach with Bethany (all of them)
  10. our first kiss
  11. being snowed in at the airport in Colorado, sharing a veggie wrap, and playing cards
  12. dinner at the Red Bar the night of the proposal
  13. skiing down the mountains in Steamboat Springs, CO
  14. our New Year date to the Falcons game
  15. Brianne’s birthday dinner with Trae and Carolyn at Shogun
  16. watching fireflies on a hiking trail in Athens
  17.  seeing Justin’s name on a list of graduates at the University of Georgia
  18. a spontaneous, Sunday afternoon date to the Falcons vs. Saints game in Atlanta
  19. a pizza and DQ blizzard date in the Jeep before Brianne had to head back to Savannah for the week
  20. double date with Kyle and Kaitlin to a hole-in-the-wall pizzeria in Helen, Georgia
  21. brunch at Girasoles in Athens
  22. the Braves game where we ended up below the stadium with the players
  23. the trip to the Bear Hollow Zoo in Athens
  24. our date to the midnight showing of Twilight
  25. Brianne’s 21st birthday dinner at The Catch
  26. a day in Auburn when we packed a lunch and went to see a secret waterfall
  27. the first year Justin came on my family beach trip – we had a blast on the party barge
  28. UGA football games
  29. Justin’s 23rd birthday date to see the Falcons stomp the Titans
  30. our Valentine’s day in Savannah

Please note, this list is in no particular order.

If you have a fond memory you’ve shared with the two of us, please share  – we’d love to hear!

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