With work, more work, the holiday season, the tedious job of writing thank-you notes, combined with the everyday household duties – we’ve been quite the busy duo! Which is my lame excuse for non-existent blog posts this week. To make up for our absence, I’m treating you to a look into the future. Yep, you read correctly. We’re taking a stroll into the future for a glimpse of what we will look like in our old age!

Brace yourself for this, some may consider these images to be terrifying.

Bahaha, now go ahead and laugh till your sides ache! You know it’s funny. Older Justin seems a bit far-fetched – with the Albert Einstein fro, but Oldie Brianne actually has her Mema’s chin and mouth! Accurate? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see. I hope our grandchildren aren’t terrified of us!

Now for the real point of this post, a celebration. The last of our thank-you notes have been written, signed, stuffed, stamped, and shipped!! Yes, that calls for a celebration! So cheer, clap, hoot, and holler for me (and Justin) because the pressure is off. We’ve I’ve successfully handwritten and personalized 207 thank-you notes! Thank you, Justin – for the one you personally wrote. Okay, okay. He may have only written one, but it was a really, really good one. Honestly. And I should add, he also stamped, stuffed, and sealed – so hurrah for the joint effort and completing the task.

With that tedious task behind us, my hand can relax and enjoy the weekend – and so can we! Here’s to a relaxing, Bulldog winning weekend. Go Dawgs!

happy Friday,
the Heapes
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