happy thanksgiving!

It’s here, it’s here! It’s officially Thanksgiving. Right now (if you’re reading this & it’s Thanksgiving morning)… Justin is probably camped out in the deer stand, while I am hustling around the kitchen keeping my Mama company, with the Macy’s Day parade on in the background. At least that is how we’ve spent the past couple of our Thanksgiving mornings.

However, since saying, “I do,” Justin and I have a little adjusting to do with the holiday season in full swing. That includes rearranging our holiday schedules to accommodate seeing both families. In the past, this hasn’t been a big issue – mostly because we’ve been willing to separate for parts of the days. But not this year. This year, we’re a family and we’re going to be visiting our families. For us, this was not a big ordeal. In fact, we’ve had it coordinated for a few months now. (Crazy, I know. But, my mother-in-law is a planner – which conveniently makes us all plan ahead.)

Are you ready for the plan? Okay, here it goes.

Morning. We trek to the Baggett farm for some quality time with the Baggett side of our family: Brian, Lisa, Bethany, Brian Ray, Bailey, and JP. (And maybe a few more!)

Afternoon. We’ll spend the evening at the Heape’s with: Barry, Teresa, Chris, Meme, and Kaylee. (Hopefully Trae and Carolyn too!)

Now I’d say that’s an easy, well coordinated itinerary. No rushing, no hustling, no bustling – just time to spend with those we love, time to spend together, and lots of good food.

Just a little advice to newlyweds: coordinate each of the major holidays out together, designate time to see loved ones, and make sure you spend that time together. We did this during our marriage counseling sessions and so far, so good.

To conclude our countdown to Thanksgiving, we are listing the many things we’re thankful for as a couple:

  • each other
  • our families
  • good health
  • the gift of salvation and the birth of Jesus Christ
  • friendships
  • valuable, Christian leadership
  • our jobs
  • a prospective, future home
  • our siblings (we’re close to mine & his)
  • our church family
  • pecan pie and turkey
  • and… holiday vacation!

As you go throughout the day, we hope you are fortunate enough to spend lots of time with family and friends, giving thanks, and eating delicious foods! Wishing you a blessed, joyful, and happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours.

a Heape of thanks and love,
justin & brianne
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