it’s the weekend

It’s the weekend and I’m excited about a few things…

1| The beautiful weather in south Georgia, with 78º temperatures I’m going to be dreaming about the beach… by the pool, hopefully!
2| Mallory and I have several BIG orders to complete this weekend for Chevvy and Ron’s. Lots of “I dos” and “happily ever afters” on our to-do list!
3| One of my younger cousins, Derek (also referred to as Lil’ Derek for most of his childhood) is getting hitched. I still can’t believe it, because when I was a senior in high school, I may or may not have been picking him up from elementary school. That means I’m old, not that the random 7 or so grey hairs on the top of my head didn’t prove that one.
4| We’re steadily making progress on our house. Did I mention our move-in date is rapidly approaching? At least we’re making progress, right? I’ll fill you in on more details as the process continues.
5| Sunday is St. Patrick’s Day. This is only significant to me because I’ve spent the last 4, consecutive St. Pat’s in Savannah, Georgia; and in case you missed the memo, St. Patrick’s Day is a big deal in Savannah! I’m sad I won’t be there with all of my friends, but you can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be rockin’ out somegreen attire.

To commemorate, here are a couple of pictures from years past,

st.pats st-pats

And just for fun… On the Today Show today, a discussion was centered around the wacky, registry items some couples have been adding to their registry. As they announced trips and cars have replaced the traditional toaster, I couldn’t help be think back to our wedding registry. One unconventional item (you may have seen) on our registry was a trampoline. Oh yes, you read correctly. Only once did I get Justin to help with this pre-wedding task and that’s what happened. Needless to say, he lost his registering privileges that day.

What is a crazy/wacky/off-the-wall item you and/or your beau registered for? A new car? Or a trampoline, like us?

wishing you a wonderful weekend,


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