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It’s International Women’s Day and I’ve been asked by Birchbox to help recognize women of the present and past who have been influential. My task, to pin photos of women who’ve inspired me and other women of my generation. The list includes women who have inspired movements, athletics, politics, fashion, and so much more. You can view our Women Who Inspire pinterest board here.

When I first received the request, I got to thinking about women who have influenced me personally. Top of the list, my Mema. Many of you knew her, but for those who didn’t – she was a gem. Patient, kind, loving, hardworking, spunky, full of life, joyful, gracious, and godly are just a few words I could use to describe her. She was a blessing to all who knew her. I aspire to be like her.

Others who inspire me, my Mama and Mother-in-law. Both are strong women, full of faith and wisdom. Both women married their sweethearts young and both are still as in love with their husbands today as they were 25+ years ago. Not only have these women provided an excellent example of grace, motherhood, and love, but an example to becoming a godly, wife and lover.


I will hold myself to a standard of grace, not perfection. {via}

To all of the women who’ve inspired me – as a child, as a girl, as a student, as a woman, and as a wife – thank you! Who inspires you? What women do you aspire to be like?

happy Friday, friends!

the Heapes

*Update on James IV: An answer to prayers, baby James is on his way home! Since the last update, he has been added to the heart transplant list. Please keep him, his health, and his family in your thoughts and prayers. There is a long road ahead, but by the grace of God, it’ll continue to be a miraculous one.

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