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As the countdown continues for baby’s arrival, I’m busy nesting (at home & work), finishing last minute projects, and trying to finish the bazillion baby books I’ve been recommended. Right now I’m reading a book called Preparation for Parenting by Gary and Anne Ezzo. You may be more familiar with their book, On Becoming Baby Wise. For me, I’ve found the book to be very enlightening and I love that it’s written from a Christian perspective.

One of the first chapters focuses on the importance of investing in our marriage to prepare for and help with parenting. The idea is to welcome your child as a new addition to our family, not the center of our family. It really encourages couples to focus on each other, set aside time together, and show our child that we love one another. At one point, it emphasizes the need for date nights – even if that wasn’t routine before baby, to make sure we make time once baby is here.

Before baby arrives, I’m trying to take full advantage of date nights and our time together. Whether it be dinner out with friends or a low-key night in with a RedBox flick, I want us to cherish our last few weeks as a family of two.

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Above are a couple of photos from a recent, double date night with the McBrides. Although I know there will be plenty more evenings out, I know that over the next couple of months these moments will be few and far between.


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