Whew, life has been a whirlwind of learning to balance mommy-duty, trips to Atlanta, regular check-ups, and work! Yes, that is 100% an excuse. My excuse to why I’ve been absentee around this blog and sparse with my updates.

Despite my tardiness, I couldn’t miss the opportunity of sharing these adorable photos from Joy Belle’s one week, one and two month check-ups.

How crazy is it that Justin and I grew up visiting this very same office for our pediatrician check-ups? Pretty hard to believe, huh? Oddly, nothing, except the addition of a few doctors, has changed!

We are blessed with a Christian physician – one that loves our baby and she loves him! (Granted, she hasn’t had any of her vaccines yet… so that “loves him” may not hold true for much longer.) Not only does he help keep my baby well, but he happens to be the one that recommended Dr. B for  Joy Belle’s clubfoot treatments.

Now brace yourself for an overwhelming amount of cuteness!

One Week


One Month

1month(1) 1month(2) 1month(3)

Two Months

2months(1) 2months(2)

I’m not at a place in my life to promise more frequent posts, so I won’t. But I will try to get better with this balancing act I now call life and to update you all more frequently. For now, you can find adorable photos of my sweet baby on our Facebook page here.


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