two tuesdays


Two Tuesdays from now, Joy Belle will be cast free! On November 18th (Justin’s birthday), we will say good-bye to these casts forever. I can barely contain my excitement. That is in 8 days!

The plan is to drive up early that morning to remove the casts and let the doctors check her beautiful feet. Then we will pick-up Joy Belle’s new shoes and bar, make sure they fit, learn how to adjust them, and then we can close the door to one very long chapter in this journey. As this chapter ends, a new one begins and we’ll face new milestones and new battles, but it’s what we’ve been praying for – progress.

Throughout the last 20 weeks (yep, 20!) and too many casts to count, you all have poured scripture and showered prayer over our family. You’ve served us with encouragement, cards, presence, and meals. Words can not come close to expressing our gratitude! Thanks to your prayer and encouragement, the Lord gave me strength to keep going when I thought I couldn’t. So thank you from the bottom of my heart!

And because it is just too cute not to share, below is a video of Joy Belle. Be sure to watch to the end, because her smile is priceless.

a Heape of love,
Justin, Brianne, & Joy Belle

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