the heart shaped pink balloon

On the 23rd of each month, I like to celebrate Miss Joy Belle’s birthday. Nothing fancy, just a little something special for her. Last month was a little different than some of the past. Joy Belle had been battling a double ear infection for 3+ weeks and her vaccines were scheduled for the same day. All I kept thinking was, I wish I could give her a doughnut with sprinkles or a cupcake – something delicious always cheers me up and can brighten my day.

Since she’s still only eating pureed fruits and vegetables (nothing sweet, like fried dough glazed with sugar) – I thought a balloon would be perfect.

We stopped by Party City on the way home and while we were there, t o t a l meltdown. Initially I thought she just felt bad, but then assumed it was the loud noise from the helium tank. It wasn’t until we were almost to the car that I realized it was the balloon. The sweet, heart shaped pink balloon was terrifying my child! (I’m still convinced it was really the 100 character balloons on the ceiling at Party City that really freaked her out, but the pink balloon following our cart didn’t help.) To calm her down, I actually had to tie the balloon to my purse and put it in the front passengers seat floorboard to keep her from seeing it.

Once we were home, cue meltdown #2, as soon as she spied the pink floating heart.

And that my friends, is why these photos with the heart shaped pink balloon had to make a blog appearance.


valentinesday02 valentinesday03

By this point (we actually and to wait until the next day), she was semi-okay with the balloon. It took about a week for her to actually want to see the balloon. And I’ll probably never take her back into Party City. At least we can laugh about it now, right?

And the winner of our sweet giveaway is Tammy Nelson. Congratulations, Tammy – and thank you to everyone that participated. We hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s day and spent it with those you love.

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