eight months


Joy Belle, eight months.

How old is baby? 8 months, 1 day.
Best moment(s)? I say it all the time, but this phase has been so much fun. My favorite moment(s) was seeing her face while she was swinging. I can only hope I never forget her laughing and squealing.
Favorite food(s)? Milk. She was really enjoying sweet potatoes and carrots, but lately she won’t eat any foods. She’s tried peas, apples, bananas, mangos, peaches, oatmeal, and millet. 
Sleep? She’s still waking up in the night – we only dream of sleep.
Activity? She’s rolling all over the floor, scooting towards toys, sitting up on her own (very well now!), and practicing standing up with help too. She wasn’t showing a lot of interest in crawling before, but she’s definitely making the extra effort now.
Mood(s)? Happy, cranky, happy, happy. She’s really only cranky when she doesn’t feel well – i.e. teething.
Growth? At her pre-op appointment, she was 17 pounds, 7 ounces and 25 inches long. She’s steadily growing, but is still wearing 6 months clothing. She’s just now fitting into a few 9 month outfits.
Favorite toy(s)? Her dolls. She’s a babydoll girl. She’s obsessed with her Glowworm and really loves her new, Mooshka doll
What is baby’s favorite thing to do with Mommy? She loves for me to tickle her! And for me to read stories and sing to her. She loves for us to dance together – she does an adorable, little head bob. She likes for us to play outside and for me to help her standup. She really likes taking baths with mommy too. Lately, she doesn’t let me get too far and rarely out of her sight.
What is baby’s favorite thing to do with Daddy? She loves to sit on Daddy’s shoulders. She really likes when Daddy gets home from work and they go get the mail together. And on cold/rainy days, she loves for Justin to pull her in the wagon around the house. She really likes for Daddy to tickle her with his beard.
Likes? She loves walking outside/strolls, anything she can chew on, using a straw, FaceTime with Aunt Bethany, music, daddy, mommy, and her grandparents. She enjoys riding in her new wagon – inside and outside. She likes to cuddle before naps and bedtime. She’s into grabbing and reach for things. She really likes to “tap dance” with her shoes, but loves to have her shoes/brace off.  She likes to swing and bounce. She’s really into hearing herself make noises, so she squeals and giggles a lot.
Dislikes? She’s still not a fan of putting on her new shoes/brace. She doesn’t like for mommy or daddy to leave the room. She doesn’t like to take naps or going to bed – basically sleep. She (like her mommy) hates to be aggravated. She doesn’t like to have her nose wiped.
And I’m adding a couple of new questions,
Is baby doing anything new? Yes, she sat up by herself today – from her back, to sitting up. And last week she started licking, which I didn’t really recognize as something “new” until I talked to my sister about it. It’s precious because she does it super fast. She’s also started making this wheezing sounds (like she’s sucking in air) when she gets excited. And she’s just started pulling her knees under her, so I’m guessing we’ll have a crawler soon. She loves to clap too. She does it whenever she gets excited and if music starts playing, she claps and bobs her head side to side.
How many (if any) teeth does baby have? One, on the bottom! It came in this week and I’m pretty sure a 2nd one is on the way.
8months01 8months02 8months03 8months04

Everyday I think, I couldn’t love this girl more. She’s so much fun and has such an awesome personality! She’s spunky and loud and all girl. I love seeing her discover the world.

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