ten months

As of last Thursday, our baby girl is 10 months old! She is so sassy & full of spunk. She’s become a little chatterbox & is into everything. Nothing could have prepared me for the way I love her. She’s fully living up to her name, bringing so much joy to her daddy & me.

These photos may be some of my favorite to date, mostly because she’s in her element & they show so much of her sass these days. Check out the number of mom-can’t-you-see-I’m-not-going-to smile-or-look-at-the-camera, side shots. If this is a sign of how her teenage years will be, we are in trouble!

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Joy Belle, ten months.

How old is baby? 10 months, 1 day.
Best moment(s)? The first time she gave me a kiss & the first time she blew a kiss.
Favorite food(s)? Still milk. But I’m excited to say she’s finally learned to love solid foods. She’s a big fan of cuties, hummus, Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies, olives, Fig Newton’s, pickles, avocados,  & lots of different fruit/veggie combos in squeeze pouches. Her absolute favorite is carrot & apples. 
Sleep? She doesn’t like to sleep, but it seems to be getting better. She only naps for about 30 minutes most days, but on occasion she’ll sleep for an hour or so. At night, she’s still waking up at least twice. One day, maybe we’ll be sleeping all night again.
Activity? She’s on the move. Crawling everywhere, but now she pulls up & scales the couch. And just this week, she took her 1st steps with her walker. We are so proud of our little girl & her tiny steps.
Mood(s)? All in all, happy. We are so blessed to have a happy baby. She pretty much only cries whenever she doesn’t want to sleep. She’s recently started hollering pretty loudly to get my attention & has thrown a fit (or two) about getting in her carseat. 
Growth? She’s officially in 9 – 12 month clothing, but still rocking a size 1 shoe. She’s got rolls for days, so I’d say she’s pretty healthy. 
Favorite toy(s)? Her dolls & stuffed animals. Her favorites right now are a few of my old beanie pups I found at my parents. And she really likes her stacking toys.
What is baby’s favorite thing to do with Mommy? She loves to for us to go on walks – in her stroller, her wagon, or on mommy’s bike. We recently added pool days to her favorite activities, which makes this mama happy too. She loves to play a game with me, where she crawls as fast as she can to the edge of the bed & giggles when I tell her no. She loves for me tickle her. And she loves to snuggle with mommy.
What is baby’s favorite thing to do with Daddy? She loves to go with Daddy to play disc golf. And she loves for him to flip her onto the bed. She loves to wait for Daddy to get home from work at the backdoor. And when he gets home, he takes her with him to get the mail. It’s the sweetest.
Likes? She loves clapping, dancing, walking outside/strolls, anything she can chew on, using a straw, FaceTime with Aunt Bethany, music, daddy, mommy, & Chipper, her puppy. She likes to cuddle before naps and bedtime. She likes to chase Chipper & watch him catch bubbles. She likes to take Chipper’s toys, ride in her wagon, and splashing in the pool. She loves bath time too! She loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, especially the songs at the beginning & end of the show. She loves to dance & bounce to the music. She also likes to give high fives!
Dislikes? She doesn’t like to sleep & isn’t a fan of laying down. Recently, she’s decided she doesn’t like to get in her car seat or having her diaper changed. And she doesn’t like loud noises.
And I’m adding a couple of new questions,
Is baby doing anything new? She’s pulling up on everything & started scaling the couch! She’s also braved the walker & taken a few steps with it. She’s consistently saying, “bye bye,” “mama,” & “dada.” She squeals loudly when she gets excited or upset.
How many (if any) teeth does baby have? Two, but I feel sure another one or two are on the way. She’s been drooling like crazy.

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