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Part of me is sharing this for other clubfoot moms and those of you that have asked if “we’re done” with treatment, but the other part is sharing this because I never want to forget our nightly routine at this stage. Because even though it is routine today, one day it will only be a distant memory.

When I posted this beautiful feet update, we were in 23 hour shoes and bar wear.* (Meaning she had to wear the shoes and bar 23 hours of everyday.) However, since our little priss started crawling, she is allowed to wear the shoes and bar while she sleeps only. This is a huge milestone in our clubfoot journey!

Each night before bed, after a clean diaper and pjs are put on, I scoop up my little peanut into my lap for our nightly routine. First, I apply Nexcare™ waterproof tape to the backs of her heels. This is simply precautionary, because in the beginning of this phase she would often get blisters from her new shoes. Blisters would make this routine torture, so I try to avoid them altogether. We use the waterproof tape because the adhesive from bandaids was causing irritation.

Next, I lather her feet up with a lavender essential oil and coconut oil blend. This is to help her relax and encourage a good night’s rest, along with keeping her feet extra soft.

Early on I discovered the secret of inside-out socks. Most baby socks are rippled or have tiny little strings inside due to adorable little designs on the outside. Because the shoes fit so snug, I didn’t want the marks imprinted in her skin for hours. In turn, I started turning her socks inside-out. Weird? Maybe. But it works for us.


After the socks are on, it’s time to lace up the shoes. This is such a tedious task, but with a simple song or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse as a distraction, it’s doable. We often sing, “One, two, buckle my shoe.” Joy Belle will nod her head from side to side and patiently let me tie her shoes. The older and more active she gets, the more often we resort to reruns of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. (Just being honest!)


Lastly, I snap on the bar. It attaches to the bottoms of her shoes. It’s as simple as a slide and click. The photos below are from nap time, because when this kid finally crashes at night, I won’t risk waking her up for anything.

beautifulfeet-routine(3) beautifulfeet-routine(4)

Because the specialists recommend Joy Belle wear the shoes and bar while sleeping (that includes naps), I keep her in the shoes and bar until after her morning nap. This way, she gets approximately 12 hours in the braces but still has lots of free time. Again, this is what works for us.

So there you have it. A little peek into our lives and how we end each day.

*Whenever she was in 23 hour shoes and bar wear, we had the same nightly routine.

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