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If you stopped by our house for a visit, you probably wouldn’t get the impression that Joy Belle is a proud big sister. In fact, she may give you the opposite impression. Don’t get me wrong, she is a proud big sister – but on her terms.

She loves to hold him! Anytime she’s sad or in trouble, he’s her make-it-all-better. She asks to hold him often, even in the middle of the night. But refuses him if he starts to cry. She likes to give him love before bed, kiss and pat his head, pray for him, and hold his hand.

But if you or anyone asks her about brother, she will ignore you. Yes, she knows his name, but she’s not about to tell you. Yes, she loves him, but she’s not about to let you know that. Yes, she’s super proud of him & calls him “my brother” or “mine;” but if you think she’s going to admit that to anyone, you’re wrong. Anyone that asks about him, she immediately tries to distract with asking them to do something with her – like a puzzle, read a book, or play in her room.

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All in all, I’ve got to brag on my girl. She’s been a trooper through the many changes. I did my best to prepare her, but her world was really rocked & flipped upside down. We’ve had our share of meltdowns, which breaks my heart because I see the frustration & confusion in her actions. Potty training has regressed & we’re back to bribery for most trips to the potty. She’s over mommy not being able to hold her & mommy is too. It’s so hard to hold & love on your baby everyday & then to try to explain why I can’t hold her or help her in the tub. Don’t get me wrong, she loved the extra Daddy & Lolli attention the first few days. But now, she wants her mommy & it’s killing me! I’ve been doing my best to make extra time for her & for us to do something special. Things that don’t involve me holding or lifting her. We’ve done a lot of couch reading, puzzles, crafts, & baking. We even had our first little girls’ day (with brother in tow) to the nail salon for pedicures. She couldn’t get enough of the attention & pampering; & I couldn’t get over her enjoying it all.

All in all, our girl has been great. She’s adjusted better than I had expected & continues to love her brother more every day. She’s been extra sweet to him lately, which makes my heart want to burst.

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