sister meets brother

Whenever I had Joy Belle, I was a bit out of it for a few days. Not only did everything happen so fast, but she was early and we weren’t prepared. We met our girl via an emergency c-section and to say I was a bit drugged is an understatement. At the time, I felt all there – but looking back there is so much about those first few hours and days that I don’t remember. My memory could be muddled due to pain medicine or emotions flying high, but I didn’t want this delivery to be the same. I wanted to remember meeting my baby boy, my husband seeing his son, and my sweet girl meeting her baby brother for the first time.

Knowing all of this, I decided to have my dear friend, Jay with Click Photography, capture those first few hours and sister meeting brother for me – just in case my memory became cloudy. I can’t express how glad I am I did this! These photos capture Joy Belle’s fear, happiness, and excitement, while documenting our family of four for the first time. I will cherish them always and forever.

sistermeetsbro(46)_1200 sistermeetsbro(48)_1200 sistermeetsbro(49)_1200 sistermeetsbro(53)_1200 sistermeetsbro(55)_1200To help ease her into her role as big sister, brother brought a babydoll just for her! She clung to that doll for days.

sistermeetsbro(57)_1200sistermeetsbro(61)_1200 sistermeetsbro(66)_1200Joy Belle was a little hesitant to meet Britt Colby, so we played a quick game of hide-and-seek (her favorite these days!) to help warm her up towards him. I was surprised but so grateful at how easily it helped change her mind about meeting him.

sistermeetsbro(73)_1200 sistermeetsbro(75)_1200 sistermeetsbro(76)_1200 sistermeetsbro(78)_1200 sistermeetsbro(79)_1200 sistermeetsbro(81)_1200 sistermeetsbro(83)_1200 And just like that, she became mother hen to baby brother!

sistermeetsbro(91)_1200 sistermeetsbro(90)_1200 sistermeetsbro(97)_1200 sistermeetsbro(102)_1200 sistermeetsbro(104)_1200sistermeetsbro(112)_1200 sistermeetsbro(119)_1200 sistermeetsbro(121)_1200 sistermeetsbro(115)_1200 sistermeetsbro(123)_1200 sistermeetsbro(125)_1200 sistermeetsbro(128)_1200 sistermeetsbro(143)_1200 sistermeetsbro(144)_1200 sistermeetsbro(145)_1200 sistermeetsbro(149)_1200 sistermeetsbro(158)_1200(My gown, Britt Colby’s swaddlehis gown, Joy Belle’s dress, I’m a Big Sister book, cake by Sara White, birth announcement by pärdē)

sistermeetsbro(191)_1200 sistermeetsbro(192)_1200 sistermeetsbro(193)_1200 sistermeetsbro(251)_1200 (photos: Click Photography by Jay)

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