On April 24, 2014, our Chipper was born. We knew immediately he was ours. Fluffy and lazy, I just knew I’d found the calmest puppy of the litter. Calm, definitely a word I wanted to describe any puppy of mine. He was such a good little cuddler those first few weeks. When he was awake, he hopped around the yard like a rabbit – it was so cute. On his side was a huge tan spot shaped like a heart. He grew to be not-so-calm and quite rambunctious. But still, a sweet puppy that stole our hearts.

Only 3 weeks after bringing him home, we brought home our girl. It was a rough next few weeks with everything going on with Joy Belle, learning to be a mom, and house training a puppy. In those crazy days, I remember clinging to the fact that it was all going to be worth it – Joy Belle was going to grow up with a companion. They were going to be the best of friends and grow up together.

Fast forward 2 1/2 years and those dreams were reality. Joy Belle couldn’t love Chipper more and he couldn’t be more a part of our family.

A week or so ago, Chipper found a way out of our fence. Within an hour of posting his photo on Facebook, he was found and safely returned home. A huge thank you to all of the people that helped us find him.

After fixing the hole under the fence, we thought he was safe. Sadly, he found his way out again a few days ago and didn’t make it home. A piece of our family is gone. Our hearts are broken.

In the days since, Joy Belle has noticed his absence. She says, “Chipper go away” and asks often to “go find him.” We’ve told her that he’s gone to live with Jesus. Yesterday she said, “Mommy, I sad Chipper go away.” Cue a flood of tears! I know she’s young and probably won’t remember much of him, but in my heart he’ll always be her puppy. And I hope she always smiles when she looks through photos of the two of them together. I know I will.

chipper01chipper02chipper03chipper04Just a few weeks ago we had family photos taken to welcome our baby boy home. Jay captured some photos of Chipper with us that day and I’m so thankful.

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