world clubfoot day

June, the month we celebrate meeting our girl and bringing awareness to clubfoot. It’s World Clubfoot Day and I can’t help but reflect on my girl’s clubfoot journey. it seems like yesterday that I found out about her crooked feet and now, I can’t slow her down. she’s come so far since the day she was born.

For those of you that don’t know, Joy Belle was born with bilateral clubfeet; meaning that her Achilles’ tendon is shorter than most and causes her feet to naturally turn in. we found out when I was 20 weeks pregnant and had no idea what this meant. We were first time parents & scared for our girl’s future. Would she walk? I had no idea.

As it turns out, it’s fairly common and treatable, when you have access to care.

For the first 5 months of her life, we drove to Atlanta weekly (sometimes more!) for casts. After 16 weeks of casting, she had surgery at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta to lengthen her Achilles’ tendon. Followed by more casts, then corrective shoes and bar that she had to wear 24/7 and now she only wears them while she sleeps at night. It’s been a long journey, but God has seen us through again and again.

Below are photos of her feet at 6 days old, the progress of her journey, and a photo from today.

Although we are blessed to have the care and treatment we need (relatively close), there are children that don’t. Children across the world are denied access to treatment, which can lead to poor life quality and the ability to work. Which is why I’m passionate about sharing Joy Belle’s journey. I’m so proud to support organizations like @miraclefeet that are leading the way in treating clubfeet around the world and literally changing children’s lives one foot at a time.

“How beautiful are the feet that bring good news of good things!” Romans 10:15

We are so thankful that our girl’s story has impacted, encouraged, and blessed so many others and can only pray it continues. Our prayer has always been that Joy Belle’s story points to Him and His goodness.

You can read more about Joy Belle’s beautiful feet journey here. And because Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta was such a blessing to us and others we know, you can make a donation to the hospital on my Facebook page.

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