Easter activities for toddlers

This week the kids, my mom, and myself loaded up the car for a road trip to South Carolina. It’s birthday week for my sister and my niece, and I hadn’t met my newest nephew yet – so it was perfect timing for the trip.

When the children outnumber the adults, it’s a good idea to keep the little ones entertained at all times. Easter is just a weekend away and I know we aren’t the only moms searching for Easter crafts and activities. So I compiled a short list of the best ideas I found on Pinterest, along with some ideas of our own.

Rice Krispy Treats shaped like eggs. We started with this one and let the kids help with a marshmallow toss and shaping the treats like Easter eggs. Added bonus: Snacks Sustenance to survive the days.

Cool Whip Dyed Easter eggs definitely topped my list this year. I had never seen or heard of such, but am so amazed after seeing it. (I saw similar effects with shaving cream, but be warned those should not be consumed!)

Googly Eyed eggs are also super cute. Some of my favorites were these monsters and the Ninja Turtle look-a-likes.

Play-doh filled plastic eggs are simple and always a fun activity, as long as your toddler doesn’t eat it. (Britt!)

Craft paper eggs are easy enough because anything will do. I like to keep a stack of construction paper, crayons, water color paint, and stickers around for crafts like this one.

Naturally Dyed Easter eggs are obviously not the route we took, but dyed with spices and vegetables most of us keep around. Aren’t they beautiful?

Potato Stamped eggs are so cute and again, something we had on hand.

Food Colored egg dye, the old fashioned way is what we opted for and I would say it was a success. The kids had a blast and managed not to crack them all. If nothing else, it made some sweet memories for these cousins.

Tomorrow we plan to kick-off the weekend with a local, Easter egg hunt. Which could definitely be scaled down for an in-house activity too. What Easter traditions do you have (if any!) and enjoy with family?

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