It’s June and the Heape’s are excited about this summer month! With the wedding plans behind us, boxes unpacked, presents unwrapped, and the newness of married life has settled down a wee-bit, we are looking forward to all June has to offer. So many trips, festivities, and projects – we have a busy, yet exciting month ahead of us! Together, we compiled a list of things we are looking forward to on this first day of June. (We’re list makers, no shame in that!)

Behold, our list for June.

  1. our lives slowing down a notch
  2. new furniture (recliner and chair are coming in!)
  3. a clean apartment (okay, I confess that only most of the boxes are unpacked)
  4. sleeping in our new bed
  5. father’s day
  6. wedding weekends with friends
  7. date nights
  8. seeing/sharing our wedding pictures
  9. family beach trip (on last year’s trip, Justin proposed!)
  10. sunshine by the pool
  11. birthdays (my mama’s & brother’s)
  12. coffee & end tables painted, completely
  13. NBA finals
  14. double dates
  15. roadtrips
How excited are you for June? We’d love to hear what you have planned for this new month!

Happy Friday!
Love, the newlyweds.

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