we pray for our leaders

At a recent Sunday, church service, we were prompted to pray for our leaders. It’s nothing new for us to pray for our leaders, but with the recent encouragement at church – I was inspired to create a daily reminder for our home. Daily, we pray for each other, our families, loved ones, and, specific requests – but, often I forget to pray for our leaders. In our home, prayer is more than an action, it’s a conversation between us and our Lord. It’s something we take seriously, whether praying for the health of our family or asking the Lord to bless our food to the nourishment of our bodies. We pray.

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For me, I began praying for my leaders while President George W. Bush was in office. I don’t remember if it was an article I read, or something mentioned at church, but I began to pray daily for President Bush and the First Lady. I prayed that the Lord would provide them favor and protect them from evil. I would pray He would provide wisdom, strength, and courage to President Bush each day of his presidency. My prayers continued for President Bush to seek the Lord’s counsel in every decision he faced. Concluding with a prayer that the Lord guard President Bush’s character during his time in office. A similar prayer was mimicked for my pastor, my boss, and my father.

This past Sunday, our pastor continued his series on revival – but, in honor of Independence Day dedicated the sermon to emphasizing how desperately America needs revival. America is currently on a downward spiral towards a collapse. After recounting history and new laws being passed, it’s evident that we need God in America, again!

I believe it’s time America stand up and proclaim, that one nation under God is our demand…
The only hope for America is Jesus, the only hope for our country is Him,
If we repent of our ways, stand firm and say, “We need God in America, again.”

As our pastor stood before us… Again, he challenged us. He challenged us to pray for the future of our country, for our freedom, for those who fight for our freedom, for our leaders, and for revival. He reminded us, freedom is never free and it will take more than electing the right candidate to change the direction of America’s future. Will you pray for revival? Will you cry out for the mercy of the Lord?

After being challenged on Sunday and the week before, we knew the Lord was calling us to pray daily for our leaders and the future of our country. Everyday, we are surrounded by leaders… of this country, our jobs, the church, and our home. The Lord has called each of us to pray, specifically for our leaders. In an act of obedience, Justin and I commit to praying for our leaders, and also for the future of America. We will pray for revival and hope for the American people. We will cry out for mercy and for the Lord to spare America so more lives will be saved. We will pray continuously. (1 Thessalonians 5:17)

To serve as a reminder, we’ve hung a birdcage door above the armoire we took communion on during our wedding ceremony. With some handmade cards, we have written requests to pray over daily. As the Lord answers our prayers, we will keep the cards to remind us that the Lord hears our cry and listens.

Whatever you ask for in prayer with faith, you will receive. Matthew 21:22

Now, we challenge you! Will you commit to praying for your leaders and our country for the rest of 2012?

because of Him,
the newlyweds


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