high five for friday

Aren’t you glad it’s Friday? We are! It’s been another busy week and we’re ready for an exciting, relaxing, spend-time-with-friends-and-family kind of weekend. In the Heape household, a stay-at-home, no-work-involved weekend is few and far between – especially with wedding season in full swing, Justin’s Saturday shifts, and Chevvy & Ron’s taking off. We are busy, even on the weekends.

Well, don’t get too excited – it still isn’t a stay-at-home, no-work-involved kind of weekend. Despite the dread of traveling and staying busy, we are thrilled about several things going down this weekend. You ready?

  1. our 2nd roadtrip this month, this time with the Cannons not to see the Cannons
  2. the Aiken celebration (Justin’s Aunt Shari got married 2 weeks ago in St. Croix and we’re attending the reception tonight)
  3. spending time with the Heape/Jackson side of the family + the Cannons
  4. lots of Chevvy & Ron’s orders to be crafted, which is code for girlfriend time
  5. ReFRESH® starting up at church this Sunday (to find out more, click here)

That’s another high five for Friday!

As we check out for the weekend, I’d like to ask you to please be praying for Buddy and Mallory’s baby boy, James. He was born with Hypo-plastic Left Heart Syndrome and has endured several heart treatments and surgeries. This week we received news that his heart has not improved like the doctor had hoped, resulting in another trip to Eggleston some time this month. Please keep James, Buddy, and Mallory in your prayers as they make decisions and put their complete faith in the Lord.

happy Friday,
the newlyweds 


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