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It’s time for our weekly recap through my Instagram photos. Last week was another busy one. We both keep thinking we soon will see the light at the end of the tunnel, but then we remember another shower, party, wedding, or such that we must attend. Then, we’re back to the darkness of a never-at-home, busy schedule.

With our lives flying by, we never seem to find the time to get our booties to the gym. So for a little sip of healthy, I’ve replaced my morning coffee with green tea. Recently, I’d read several benefits from drinking green tea which include: eliminating or minimizing cellulite, detoxing, prevention of wrinkles and aging, reduces cholesterol and blood pressure, weight loss, and skincare. Yes, please! Plus, it still helps with the boost of energy in the mornings and I reap healthy benefits. Why not? (I’m not telling you to give up your coffee fix, however I do suggest you try a cup or two. Odds are, you won’t prefer it after the first cup or over coffee – it’s definitely an acquired taste. I still crave coffee about once a week, but overall it’s been an easy switch for me.) Hesitant? Google it and you’ll convert.

In the same habit of trying to keep the Heapes healthy, I’ve been including lots of green, fresh veggies in our meals. One photo below you will see a pita stuffed with sauteed bell peppers, banana peppers, onions, and chicken, plus fresh spinach and tomatoes. Asparagus is a favorite in our home; so I cooked it with eggplant, both drizzled with olive oil and house seasoning. It’s so good and so, so easy. Yay for another successful new recipe.

Several nights last week, Mallory and I worked on Chevvy & Ron’s orders – since they are steady flowing in. (We are still thrilled and uber excited about our progress!) We shipped five custom orders out last week and we’ve got several going out this week. It’s been such an encouraging experience.

To take a break from the everyday groove, a group of us decided to have a dinner and a movie date night. Okay, we skipped the dinner part and munched on caramel and salty popcorn, plus lots of candy! (Yep, that was a bye, bye, bye to healthy eating for the week.)

We rushed into our weekend with a 3 1/2 hour drive to Atlanta for Justin’s Aunt’s wedding reception. As I mentioned here, she and Jay were married in St. Croix a few weeks ago – but, we were all invited to celebrate this past weekend with them in north Georgia. It was a hop, skip, fly, detour, speed, and jump to get there just in time for family photos – but, we made it. Did I mention we changed clothes in the car? Yep. It was a journey, but a Heape of fun, as we got to see lots of Heapes, Jacksons, Speirs, Smiths, Cannons, Aikens, and friends. We ate yummy food, posed for many pictures, and got our groove on to some 80s and 90s hits! Oh yea, we shook our tail feathers. No shame. At least no shame until the bazillion pictures surface… then we’ll be embarrassed.

Side note: See that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cup? It was a birthday gift from my sweet sister and I love it. It’s helped me double my daily water intake – which I’ve been needing to do. What better motivation to drink water than the TMNT staring back at ya?

Unfortunately after all the rushing, a detour, changing in the car, dancing the night away, and in bed around 2 AM, Justin had to leave at 5 AM to make it to work in Albany at 8:30. Talk about a let down. Fortunately for me, I was able to sleep in until about 9 AM and ride home with the Cannons. Lucky me, I know.

The rest of the weekend was spent with a paintbrush in hand, as Mallory and I painted footballs, peanuts, cotton bols, megaphones, and mailbox hangers… you name it, we made it! (Or so it seemed.) Because I’ve mentioned Chevvy & Ron’s throughout this post, this one, and this one too… I figured I’ll let you know 4 really positive things about our little business.

  1. I’m doing what I love… painting (& the additional income is just an added bonus)
  2. having a husband that supports us
  3. lots of quality girl time with Mallory
  4. getting to know this little beauty, Beau (see above) and her sweet brother, James

In fact, the only downfall is that it is time consuming and I’m forcing Justin to hang out with Buddy. Wait. They can not be complaining about forced guy time, right? Okay, the only complaint comes when we leave the little ones with them and they can’t do boy manly things. But, I’m pretty sure they secretly love that part too – because, hey – we’re making money and we’re having a good time doing it! In truth, these two are probably are biggest critics and supporters.

The last photo is of Beau (Mallory’s firstborn) putting on make-up with “Me.” (Me = Bri and Ustin = Justin in Beau lingo.)

We hope you all enjoyed last week and this past weekend just as much as we did.

happy Monday,
the newlyweds
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