It’s been awhile, but there are still a few thank-yous we need to share. One very special thank you is for the helping hands who prepared and served the good eats, including: Clint and Dorothy Hardin, Rick and Janice Bush, Linda Breeden, and Jean Wingate. Without each of these people, well – you wouldn’t have eaten at our wedding reception. Okay, maybe not – but, you wouldn’t have enjoyed the delicious low-country boil they prepared!

low country boil

worker bees

These two men worked the boiler and endured the heat while doing so.

To our pleasure, our guests were given the option of Cajun or original to suit their taste buds. If Justin and I had eaten, we would’ve chosen the Cajun – however as the bride and groom, we missed out on the eating. From what we’ve both heard, it tasted as delicious as it looks!

Note to those engaged: eat a nutritious breakfast, brunch, or lunch in preparation on your big day. Odds are, you’ll be too busy to enjoy all of the delicious foods you chose.

baby corn

What’s a southern wedding with out sweet tea and lemonade served in mason jars? Answer, not a southern wedding. These two drinks were definite must-haves in our book!

lemonade & sweet tea

thirsty girls

wheelbarrow full of lemonade

Prior to the reception, the mason jars were filled with sweet tea and lemonade. To keep ’em iced down, we stashed them in wheelbarrows filled with ice. For us, this was a convenient and feasible way to serve 300+, extremely thirsty guests.

lemonade & boiled peanuts

Did I mention we served boiled peanuts? Yep, they were also on the must-have list! If you know me, you probably know that I’m a huge fan of peanuts – particularly boiled. Another random, yet sort of related fact – my Mama and I were both Miss Georgia Peanut’s back in the day, although that really has nothing to do with why I served peanuts at our wedding or why I love boiled peanuts so much, but it’s true. (Short story for another day.)

Like the low-country boil, we missed out on these delicious little snacks –  but, we hear they were a hit! In fact as we were driving to Atlanta to catch our flight, Justin saw a photo and said, “We had boiled peanuts at our wedding?” Really. He had no idea. Although, I may not have known either if I hadn’t stamped each of those bags! As the bride and groom, it’s really sad how much time goes into decisions and how much of the actual details you miss out on because it’s such an overwhelming experience – both the planning and the big day.

boiled peanuts

Along with the low-country boil, drinks, and boiled peanuts – you may remember the homemade ice-cream served as dessert by these awesome people! From the ceremony to the eats and drinks at the reception, each detail screamed our names and was covered in our style – simple, southern, and sweet, with a dash of spectacular. (Okay, I’m bias and the entire event is such a blur without the photos that I can’t give an honest opinion. But, it was lovely – I’m sure, because there were too many great people involved for it not to be.)

In conclusion, the overall response was positive and everyone seemed to enjoy the food, snacks, desserts, and drinks. We couldn’t have been more satisfied with the production and presentation. From us to the chefs, thank you for all the preparation, boiling, set-up, and peanut bagging you each contributed. We are forever grateful!

much gratitude,
the newlyweds


ps. For those who are extremely tired of wedding photos, recaps, and hoopla, I promise I won’t drag these posts out too much longer.

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