happy long weekend!

After a crazy busy week, I had no intention of posting today. That is until I woke up, glanced across a foggy marsh, enjoyed the sunrise, and snapped this beautiful photo. Yep, this photo was taken off our back porch this morning! How beautiful? How anyone can look at nature, see it’s beauty, and still doubt the existence of God, I will never know!

As we dive into the weekend, this long and wonderful weekend – we’re happy about several things, 5 to be exact!

  1. it’s a long weekend – not only do we get to enjoy Saturday and Sunday, but Monday too!
  2. two favorite friends are coming into town and we’re excited about seeing their faces – this one and this one
  3. we’re joining our newlywed, Sunday school class for a game night on Saturday
  4. Justin’s brother, Chris is visiting for a few days
  5. we have plans to relax, eat sushi, and enjoy some quality time together

So now, as we say hello to the weekend – what are you most looking forward to? Any exciting plans? Please share!

until Monday, or maybe Tuesday,
the Heapes
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