thankful thursday

With only 1 week left until Thanksgiving, our thanks are overflowing! We are beyond blessed – with each other, family, and friends. As we continue to count our blessings, our giving thanks countdown continues.

Brianne | I’m thankful for my relationship with my Mama and Daddy, my two siblings, extended family, the comfort of home, the faithfulness of the Lord, Christmas music and cheer, and my job! I’m also grateful for the opportunity for Justin and I to be involved in a church that preaches and teaches the Word of God un-apologetically.

Justin | I am thankful for meat in the freezer, an opportunity on a house, and good Christian friends.

And just for fun,

From the Heape home, we’re wishing you a fabulous week before Thanksgiving! We hope your home will be filled with happiness, joy, and gratitude this holiday season.

Now take your turn and share your list of thanks!

a Heape of thanks,
the newlyweds

ps. Tonight, we are celebrating Justin’s birthday with his family. His birthday isn’t until November 18th, but if you see us out and about be sure to embarrass him with birthday wishes!

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