a heapen’ helpin’

In the past, I’ve shared some recipes that have been a hit in the Heape home – while noting that I’m no chef. I’m only a newlywed wife, trying to cook dinner for my husband. With that said and a new year ahead of us, I’m trying to do better and healthier cooking. Any tips or bits of advice are always welcomed!

Since many of you expressed interest in our weekly dinner menu, A Heapen’ Helpin’ was developed. For the week of January 14th – 18th, here is our meal plan.


Please note: I’m not promising a strategic, meal plan weekly. Although, that is my goal. Wish me luck!

Many of these recipes were found on Pinterest, therefore I’m predicting some hits and failures. With the successful (two thumbs up) meals, I’ll be sure to share the recipes.

Looking forward to a great week of dining and a healthier new year!

Wisdom teeth update: The doctor confirmed I have dry sockets in both lower sockets. However, after a quick visit – I’m on the road to recovery and should be back to 100% me tomorrow. Thanks for the prayers!

happy Monday,
the Heapes 
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