sister’s birthday

Only 23 years ago, an itty bitty baby was born and I became a big sister. Being only 2 ½ years old myself, I can’t honestly say I remember much about that special day but I do know it was just that… a special day. On March 26, 1990 – I met my sister, my friend, my partner in crime. Little did I know, but that little bit would grow, steal all of the attention, break my Crayola® crayons, and strip everyone of my Barbie™ dolls down to nakedness, after cutting their hair off. Obviously, there were things I wasn’t prepared for as a big sister. I thought it was all dress-up and dolls. Boy was I wrong.




As we grew, I learned to love her. Okay, okay, I always loved her, but somewhere along the way our must-love evolved into a sisterly love/bond/friendship that can’t be broken. Today, this gal is one of my truest, best, most honest, caring friends and I can’t imagine life without her. She’s my sister; she’s my best friend.


Due to her fabulousness, we’re making this post all about Bethany. Since some of you may not know her as well as I do, here are a few, fun facts about her that you should all know.

  1. She’s 23 years old.
  2. She was born with a strawberry on top of her head.
  3. She’s a Christian.
  4. She wears glasses (or contacts).
  5. She’s outgoing.
  6. She’s the middle child.
  7. We share a fascination/obsession with the Presidents of the United States.
  8. She’s passionate about missions and has traveled to surrounding states, Eleuthera, Peru, and Haiti to share God’s Word.
  9. She’s beautiful  – both inside and out.
  10. She use to be a chunk as a baby, to the extreme that Daddy nicknamed her Michelin.
  11. She goes by Betty and Bet.
  12. She’s got 2 tattoos.
  13. She really likes to dye her hair.
  14. She’s athletic.
  15. She has a pup named Pippa.
  16. She made up teams for our house and believes she is the Captain of the Blue Team.
  17. She favors our mother.
  18. She thinks she’s our daddy’s favorite.
  19. She can talk her way out of just about anything.
  20. She’s smart… One of those people that doesn’t have to study.
  21. I’m pretty sure she’s never called me Brianne… it’s always Sisy.
  22. Her favorite color is purple.
  23. She blogs over at Stand Tall Shine Bright, so stop by to find out more about her!



Bethany, we hope your day is extra special and you have a very happy, happy birthday! We love you.

Sisy and Justin

xo - the Heapes chevvy & ron's

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