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Another week behind us and only a week ahead before our big move-in day! To commemorate, we’re recapping our last week or so with Instagram pics. Ready, go…

1| With a team of 9, we finished grouting the kitchen and all of the brick pavers!!! Praise the Lord for blessing us with good family and friends!
2| Meet our youngest Chevvy & Ron’s employee, Beau. She’s cute and talented, only problem – she thinks she’s the boss!
3| Whoohoo! That’s one fabulous, DIY shower.
4| Saturday was an early morning for moi! I had to be at Bob White Rents before 7:30 AM… that’s too early to be anywhere, especially on a Saturday.


5| At some point this weekend, I managed to dip my hair in the paint bucket? I’m still not sure how that happened, or what exactly did happen, but I somehow ended up with a dipped ponytail. The result, I had to soak my hair in Mineral Spirits… not a fun experience.
6| Sunday was a fun day! First day in weeks that Justin and I could play. In turn, I relaxed by the pool with my new book – The Honest Life by Jessica Alba. So far, I’m lovin’ the book.
7| We also manage to slip in some time for a bike ride and boat ride! Above you can see a beautiful view of the Flint River.
8| David and Justin doing what they do best, being boys! In case you were wondering… they did jump from that rickety ledge!

9| Today (and for the next week or so), The Funky Monkey is featuring Chevvy & Ron’s on their blog and we’re giving away TWO signs. To win, stop by here and enter the drawing!

Over the next 7 days, Justin and I beg for your prayers! We’ve still got several projects to finish up on the house, as well as packing and moving out of our current apartment. Let me reiterate… We’ve got A LOT to do in the next 7 days and without a miracle, I’m not sure how it’s all going to get done.

As projects are completed, we’ll do our best to document the updates – but with a chaotic week ahead of us, we’re not making any promises. Thanks in advance for the thoughts and prayers!


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