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Bet you can’t guess how we spent our Saturday afternoon? Okay, it probably isn’t too hard to guess considering we are moving into our new home in 6 days! Woah, that’s just as hard to type as it is to say. Aside from all of the renovations, we’ve had to make a few major purchases too – including appliances. Initially, this was NOT something I was looking forward to. However, after walking in Lowe’s on Saturday… that all changed!

To start, we had a fabulous salesman assisting us. He wasn’t pushy; he didn’t show us all the top-of-the-line, out-of-our-league appliances; and he listened to what we wanted. We started by picking out an oven, then moved to refrigerators, and on to dishwashers. Somewhere between the oven/stove and the refrigerator, we were sold on the Samsung brand.

Due to our budget, we started by choosing two different stoves/ovens (whatever you call them): one gas with 5-burners and one with a ceramic stovetop. Obviously if you’ve been appliance shopping, you know there is a pretty steep price difference here. But at this point, a girl can dream… right? No commitment, just dreaming.



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From the moment I walked in, I knew I wanted a gas stove and when I spied the 5 burners – I was sold. BUT, the husband still needed some convincing. So, we moved over to the fridge section and this is where Justin got hooked. At this point, Justin still wasn’t convinced of the 5-burner, gas stove and extra-large oven capacity… that is until we met it’s matching fridge! While I was still drooling over the 5 burners, Justin noticed the exclusive, dual ice-maker… Two ice-makers? Sold! However at this point, we were both just dreaming. We’d seen the price tags and weren’t sure these choices were going to make the cut.

Either way, we kept on looking and moved into the dish washer section. First one, eh? Second one, only okay. Then, we saw the match to the 5-burner, gas stove and dual ice-maker fridge… you could call love at first sight.

We told them our budget and patiently waited for the quote to come back. (Lowe’s offers discounted prices on bundle purchases. Plus, being movers – we qualified for 10% off.) The quote came in at $86 over our set budget… If you couldn’t guess, we bought the bundle!

On Thursday, all of our brand, spankin’ new appliances will be delivered and I can barely contain my excitement!

Now that appliances are checked off our to-do (or to buy) list, we’re busy cleaning, packing, painting, and sealing – all of the last minute to-dos are now top priority. Although last night, our hands were tied because we’re still waiting on the wood floor seal to dry. Like that phrase, “I’d rather watch paint dry…” eh, probably not!

What’re you’re plans for the week? Got anything exciting going on? If not, stop by our house and help us work. Just kidding, but seriously. If you can clean, mop, or paint, we’ll take your help!


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