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In addition to a handful of new frames on the wall, we’ve decided to tackle a few bigger home projects too.

When we first purchased our new home, we knew our porch was going to need improvement – it was just a matter of finding the time. Last weekend, Justin and his dad decided to dive right in, demolish the current porch, and begin rebuilding the new one. It took about 3 full days to replace the flooring and it’ll probably take another day or so to add the railing. For me, this was a huge check off our to-do list.

While Justin and his dad were hard at work, Teresa (J’s mom) and I began the tedious job of cleaning out and setting up our guest room. Obviously after moving in 8 months ago, I should be embarrassed to admit that we still had boxes to unpack and sort through. However, I’m not even slightly ashamed. So our guest room served as a closet for awhile, big deal. After all, this is real life – no fairy tale in the Heape home.

Although neither project is 100% complete, they are both well on their way to being finished. Here is a peek into some of the progress,


Some have called it “nesting,” which wouldn’t surprise me in the least, but honestly I’m just glad things are getting done around the house. Do you have any tips to tackling and accomplishing major home projects? I’m a big fan of Young House Love’s blog and have actually used several of their tutorials around our home. Definitely worth checking it out!

Hopefully soon, I’ll be able to share before/after photos of our porch, along with some after photos of the guest room.


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