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For the first (official) time, I felt Baby Girl kick today! For awhile now I’ve been feeling little “flutters,” but wasn’t sure if it was just my body (weird?) or actually Baby. But this time, I was 100% sure she was squirming. It literally took my breath away for moment.

About a week ago my mom brought me a bag of my little dresses, a box of books, and a few toys. In the bag was this little rabbit that plays music whenever you pull the string. It’s old and a bit discolored (as you can see), but it still plays the sweetest music. To add to it’s sentimental value – my mom used this same little bunny to play music for me while I was in her belly. She said that she’d pull the string and I’d start kicking as soon as the music started playing.

littlebunny01 littlebunny02 littlebunny03

Similarly to my mama’s memory, I placed the little bunny on my belly and let Baby Girl listen to the music. After a few seconds, I distinctly felt her start kicking. It literally startled me! I guess after so many little “flutters” I was shocked to actually feel such an unmistakable movement. I’m pretty sure I’ll remember that moment forever.


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