enjoy it (+ an update)

Enjoy it. Because it’s happening.


As most of you know by now, we received some shocking news at our 20 week appointment. Since learning of the diagnosis, I have to daily remind myself to just enjoy this season of life. Enjoy it because it’s happening. It’s like a daily pep talk: don’t rush it, don’t wish away the time, soak up your pregnancy, rejoice with each kick, and enjoy the sleep you’re getting now. With the reality that I can’t help my girl until she’s here, I just want her here all the sooner. But I know that I’ll look back on this time and I’ll be so thankful for the time I get to share just one-on-one with my little one, nestled inside of me. It’s truly a miracle and I don’t want to take this season for granted.

Update: I asked you all to pray for us a few days ago, as we were scheduled to meet with a couple of specialists in Atlanta. Let me start by saying thank you! Not only did the Lord answer our prayers and yours, but he provided us with the answers and advice we needed. We met with Doctor #1 around 9 AM and were very impressed. Not only did he answer most of our questions before we could ask them, but he focused all of his attention on us, expressed his concern with us having to travel, and left us feeling confident that our girl would be in good hands! He didn’t push surgery (in fact, he said this would be a last resort & only if necessary), provided us an estimated plan of treatment (a little longer than I’d hoped, but still it’s just an estimate), and even recommended seeing our girl days (like 2-3) after she’s born. All of which were major concerns in my book!

Around noon we met with Doctor #2, with an open mind. Even though she appeared knowledgeable, her staff was friendly, and the practice is renown, I left knowing that I didn’t feel confident in her plan of treatment. To begin the conversation, she informed us that she wouldn’t see our girl until she was 2-3 weeks old. Yes, she had a pretty good, maternal answer as to why – but I’d rather get started on treatments sooner rather than later. Earlier treatment reduces the chances of surgery and possibly the length of treatment. She also strongly encouraged surgery, stating that our girl would probably have the tenotomy at about 6-8 weeks. She stated that there was a 95% chance she would need surgery and that she would know immediately. This was not what I wanted to hear. No one wants their baby to undergo surgery, especially if it may be avoided by other treatments. There were a few positives and a few other negatives, but when I left the office, I felt confident that the Lord had provided me a clear answer.

Right now we are scheduled to meet Doctor #3 in May, however I would feel 100% confident with Doctor #1 treating our girl. As I said above, we all were extremely impressed with him and his practice. I can’t thank each of you enough for the prayers. I could feel them as we traveled and met with each Doctor. So again, thank you!


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