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I thought it would be fun to share some of Joy Belle’s favorites from time to time. Since I’m slacking keeping her baby book updated, it’ll be fun for me to go back and reminisce one day. In the meantime, it may serve as a good gift guide for other 6 month old littles. Or, just a nice, simple update on my sweetheart!

Wagon rides. Santa left Joy Belle a little, red wagon this Christmas and she loves it! If it’s a pretty day and the temperatures aren’t too cool, we’ll take an after lunch stroll. But some days she’s entertained with a ride through the house. She’s so cute soaking up the street signs, neighbors, and passing cars.

Bath fun! Since she’s been cast free, we’ve been taking full advantage of bath time. She loves to splash, chew on her bath letters, and tries to drink out of her stacking cups.

Teethers, stackers, and books. She’s definitely teething, which means all toys are teethers. But she’s a big fan of this lion teether and Sophie. She got a couple of stackers for Christmas too. Even though she hasn’t mastered the stacking, she loves to take them apart and chew on the pieces.

Friends. We recently had a playdate with our friends, Cooper and Aunt Megan. Honestly, it was one of the few times she’s played with anyone her age – and she loved it. They kept grabbing each other’s faces and she kept chattering to him. It was so sweet!

Bed head and morning snuggles. Joy Belle loves to cuddle, especially since she’s been feeling bad. (She’s got her first cold and ear infection. I hate seeing my baby sick, but her extra loving has been sweet.) Just last week I snapped that photo of her crazy bed head. It’s just about too much cuteness for one picture!

Cart rides. Since it’s been so chilly outside, we replaced our afternoon walk with a ride around the grocery store. She enjoys cooing and squealing at the other shoppers. The little cart cover makes me feel better about taking her to the store when it’s so germ infested this time of year. Plus she can sit up now, which makes shopping easier and leaves more room in my cart for groceries. (T.J. Maxx find for $16.)

Jump-a-roo. Gran and Pa (my parents) gave her this wild, rain forest jump-a-roo and she loves it. Or I should say, she loves it as long as mommy is in sight. She bounces, babbles, and click-clacks her little shoes all the while she’s in her jump-a-roo.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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