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I wouldn’t go as far as calling it a hobby, but I absolutely love wrapping gifts. For years I’ve been a sucker for brown, builders paper (from Lowe’s). In the past, I’ve stamped fun holiday shapes, painted names and quotes, sketched fun doodles, and tied with twine and rosemary. I love that one roll lasts forever, it’s so cheap, it’s so classic, and yet still allows me to be creative with my wrapping. This year, I decided to personalize each gift with photos and ribbon. The inspiration was really making everything visual for our 6 month old. Obviously she can’t read yet, but I wanted her to see herself and family members on the gifts under the tree.

For each gift, I printed a photo of the recipient with Joy Belle. To unify the photos, I had them all printed in black and white. The photo tags turned out even more perfect than I envisioned and everyone loved them!

christmaswrapping01 christmaswrapping02 christmaswrapping03 christmaswrapping04 christmaswrapping05 christmaswrapping06 christmaswrapping07

Hope you all had a very, Merry Christmas! I’ll be back later this week with more about Joy Belle’s first Christmas and our holiday festivities.

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