If you’re anything like me, you have 100s of photos on your phone and computer, but rarely get around to actually printing the digital memories. Memories hidden away in files, rather than displayed for family and friends to enjoy. Well, no more! Recently a friend introduced me to Chatbooks and I’m hooked.

Not only is it simple, but it’s quality, price, and promise are unbeatable! Chatbooks connects to your Instagram account (with your permission, of course!) and once you reach 60 photos, it automatically prints and ships your memories in a beautiful, little book. A photo book that prints itself. A photo book for those of us that don’t have time to make photo books. A photo book that is perfect for any coffee table.


Did I mention, it’s only $6 per book? That’s right, $6.* Essentially, that’s one #1 with extra pickles from Chick-fil-A. #lovechatbooks or they promise a full refund. No fine print, I might add.

The only thing better than a $6 book of 60 beautifully printed memories, is the first book free! Just because I know you’ll love your photo book as much as I love mine, use code: HEAPEFREE whenever you subscribe to receive your first chatbook free.

*Right now, it’s $6/book. But they plan to launch Chatbooks 2.0 at the end of the summer and with the launch they will be raising the price of the books by $2. However, for all of their existing subscribers, they are going to “grandfather in” the existing $6/volume pricing for an additional 2 years. So hurry & subscribe today!

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