first 6 months must-haves

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The first 6 months are new, exciting, and at times, difficult. You’re getting to know baby, baby is getting to know you – and the world. So I put together a list of what I consider must-haves for the first 6 months. Some of these products were gifts from other mama friends, others were things I discovered while trying to survive.

Are you expecting? Baby 411 and Baby Wise are books you need. I use Baby 411 regularly to reference any (and I mean any!) question or concern – how to clean the umbilical cord; distinguishing redness and rashes; and how to choose a pediatrician. Baby Wise is a best seller for a reason! It’s a simple guide to exploring everyday aspects of managing an infant.

Initially, I tossed all of my stuff in a side pocket of the diaper bag. Because let’s be honest, a baby in one arm and a diaper bag on your shoulder doesn’t leave much room for a purse. Solution? A cute clutch to stash cash, card(s), sunglasses, and lipstick. It’s small enough to toss in the diaper bag, but keep your goods separate. I found this adorable, multicolored clutch on Etsy; the one I carry is a handmade design I found locally.

The mamaRoo® was a gift from 4moms. Oddly enough, I won one of their contests last summer and this was my prize. It was so beneficial while Joy Belle was in casts and served us as a seat and swing for her too. There is no doubt I’d recommend this for new moms. The concept is for baby to feel as though you’re cradling them. Added bonus, it has a feature to attach your iPhone and play music for your baby.

Reviews rave about this humidifier by Crane, which is why I registered for it. It’s easy to refill and keep clean, it’s sleek and small, and available in several color options. Plus, it brings healthy moisture to the air without adding heat – which is great for little ones.

This sweet rocker is super lightweight, making it easy to move from room to room. We used it as a bassinet for months. I love how simple it is to move it (+ baby) around the house.

Most hospitals have started using sleep sacks for the newborns. We loved ours and purchased several more. My personal favorites are these by Halo®. Pottery Barn sells them in the most adorable patterns and offers personalization. Who doesn’t love a sweet monogram?

After the millionth time of dropping a pacifier (and later teething toys), I discovered these ingenious pacifier clips. Not only are they helpful little gadgets, but they come in a variety of adorable colors and fabrics. My favorite part is they are great for teething toys too.

And I believe I saved the best for last! This nursing cover has been a lifesaver – for my social life, most definitely. It’s breathable, cute, and versatile. It functions as a nursing, grocery cart, and car seat cover, and can be worn as a scarf. Available is several color and print options, you’ll be stylish nursing your baby anywhere. And yes, I mean anywhere because it fully conceals your goods and baby.

Is there anything I missed? I would love to hear what you found most useful in the first 6 months of bring home baby.

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