one year!

While we were at the beach last week, I took the opportunity to take some photos of my favorite gal. My goal was to capture her sassy personality; because as she grows, her personality just blossoms. She’s such a joy to be around and is happy all the time. She keeps us laughing and mama on her toes! She’s into absolutely everything. In between photos, I was swiping rocks, leaves, and sand out of her hands and mouth. I’m aware I say this with each monthly photo session, but these are my absolute favorite photos to date.

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Joy Belle, one year!

How old is baby?

13 months, 11 days. (We had weeks of rain, so I kept putting off her monthly picture.)

Best moment(s)?

Whenever I sing, “I’ve got the love of Jesus down in my heart.” She lifts her arms up when I say, “Where?” 

Favorite food(s)?

She loves Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies, broccoli, pickled okra, hummus, olives, quesadillas, pickles, cherries, watermelon, and pears! She loves Cheetos too. 


Same sleeping situation; she doesn’t. It does seem to be getting better. At night, she’s still waking up at least twice. And lately she’s been taking naps, which I think is helping.


She’s pulling up on everything, crawls like a speed racer, and uses the walker & other toys to walk across the living room. She’ll hold our hands & walk from room to room. Her right foot is still not progressing like her left foot and she won’t put weight on it. She’s started physical therapy & they believe this is why she isn’t walking or standing on her own.


All around happy. She’s a very content baby & like most babies, is only irritable when she needs sleep or is hungry.


She wears mostly 12 month clothing, but some 18 months. She has tiny, fat feet & wears a size 2 shoe. She’s actually wearing a size 0 in her corrective shoes now.

Favorite toy(s)?

Her dolls, hands down. She loves stuffed animals too. She also loves her little wooden stacker and a tea set she got for her birthday. She’s so imaginative. She pretends to pour drinks and says, “nom, nom, nom” when she pretends to feed herself & her babies. She loves to use forks & spoons. She really loves this new sea creature ball we got her at the beach too.

What is baby’s favorite thing to do with Mommy?

She loves when we sing songs together – “This little light of mine”; “Zacchaeus”; “I’ve got the love of Jesus”; “If You’re Happy & You Know It” are a few of her favorites. She loves for us to have pretend tea parties, roll the ball back & forth, and to read books. She loves for us to go on walks – in her stroller, her wagon, or a ride on mommy’s bike. She loves to swim or practice kicking in the pool. She loves to play a game with me, where she crawls as fast as she can to the edge of the bed & giggles when I tell her no. She loves for me tickle her. And she loves to snuggle with mommy. She also loves for us to take baths!

What is baby’s favorite thing to do with Daddy?

She loves to play disc golf with Daddy. She rides in the wagon while he plays. She loves when Daddy comes home from work; she waits for him at the backdoor.  She loves when Daddy throws her high in the air & catches her. She loves for him to flip her onto the bed. After he gets home for work, they usually walk to get the mail together & play fetch with Chipper.


She loves snacks, clapping, dancing, walking outside/strolls, anything she can chew on, using a straw, FaceTime with Aunt Bethany, music, daddy, mommy, & Chipper, her puppy. She loves to see her grandparents & aunts & uncles. She likes to cuddle before naps & bedtime. She likes to chase Chipper & watch him catch bubbles. She likes to take Chipper’s toys, ride in her wagon, & splashing in the pool. She loves bath time too! She loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, especially the songs at the beginning & end of the show. She’s really gotten into watching Sophia the First & Doc McStuffins – the TV generally. She loves to dance & bounce to music. She likes to be flipped upside down. She loves her baby dolls! She likes to climb up & on everything. She’s a people person – loves other kids. We learned this month that she loves to play in the sand & the ocean. She likes to grab your nose & for you to say, “honk, honk.”


She doesn’t like to sleep & isn’t a fan of laying down. Although she likes to ride on the boat, she hates to wear her life vest. She doesn’t like lemons or strawberries. She hates milk!

Is baby doing anything new?

She’s definitely talking more! She now says: hot, Chipper, Lala (for my mom), bye (instead of bye-bye), & hey. She shakes her head no when she doesn’t want something. And she can identify eyes, ears, nose, toes, lips, teeth, hair, arms, legs, belly button, & boobies. She’ll grab your nose & squeeze it twice for you to say, “honk, honk.” She pretends to talk on the phone. (Siri is her favorite person to call.) She’s started clicking her tongue when food is good to her or she’s pretending to eat & she says, “Umm, umm, ummm.”

How many (if any) teeth does baby have?

12! She looks like a toddler. Overnight (more like a week or so) she cut 2 more on the bottom + her 4 molars. She’s got a mouth full of teeth now.

summervaca-008 summervaca-007 summervaca-006 summervaca-005summervaca-004 summervaca-003 summervaca-002 summervaca-001

We love our feisty, little girl. Happy 1 year, my almost 14 month old. Mommy & Daddy love you much, most beautiful darling.

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