baby Heape is a…

We are over the moon to discover that our littlest love is a H E A L T H Y, baby boy!

itsa001 itsa002 itsa003 itsa005 itsa006 itsa007 itsa008 itsa009 itsa0010 itsa0011 itsa0012 itsa0013 itsa0014After our 20 week anatomy scan with Joy Belle being such a shocker, our sweet and thoughtful doctors decided to ease our minds with an early scan of his or her feet. After a wonderful report and learning that our baby is healthy and growing just as God intended, with perfectly straight feet – it was an added bonus to learn that our baby is a boy. As excited and thankful as we’ve been for this new addition to our family, I can’t express how thankful and blessed we have felt to learn of this news.

Although Joy Belle doesn’t understand that baby is a boy, she already loves him so much. She loves to pat (and kiss) my belly and say, “bay-bay.” And just last night, she asked me to open it (as in my stomach!). After I explained he needed to stay in just a little longer to grow, she said, “bay-bay stuck?” It was a priceless moment I hope my heart never forgets.

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