embracing the chaos

I could choose to drown in, cry over, fight against, ignore, or embrace the chaos. I’m choosing to embrace the chaos. I choose to accept this season of life, as chaotic as it may be. There is nothing more important than today and the quality time I invest in my children. Yes, the days may be long, but the years are short. I will look back on this season and wonder where the time went. I will. Just probably not tonight.

Today I challenge you to do the same. Decide what is really important to you and give yourself some grace!

None of us are perfect. None of our children are perfect. Life is bound to throw us curveballs. This week mine happened to be: the death of my great-grandma (she was 95!), Britt stripping down to nothing & pooping on the carpet, Britt knocking Joy Belle over the head with my laptop charger, and forgetting to pay the water bill. But highlights trump each of those, especially when: Britt hugged his big sister out of genuine kindness, we baked banana nut bread together & the kids thought it was a party, and Joy Belle told me I’m her favorite girl, even if she quickly followed with a kiss for baby sister & a promise that she’s her favorite too. Y’all, these are the moments to celebrate! The small, yet oh so sweet moments that make up for poo on the floor.

When I say give yourself some grace – give yourself some grace, friends! We need it. Tomorrow is another day. So binge watching Fixer Upper (or trash t.v.), pour yourself an Olivia Pope size glass of wine, make a solo trip to Target to buy everything or nothing at all, or indulge in extra whipped cream on a Starbucks coffee. Grace, people. Give yourself some grace.


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