bittersweet goodbye

Yesterday we closed on our old house. Our first house. The house we brought home two of our babies and a sweet puppy. A huge praise and answer to lots of prayer!

Since last November, we’ve had two mortgage payments. Someone once said to me, “Seems like someone bit off more than they could chew.” Which to the rest of the world may seem the case, but the circumstances were far from it. In fact, the decision was totally God’s work. He orchestrated every last detail to make purchasing a new home without selling our old house possible. He went above and beyond providing the 2nd mortgage every single month. It’s been a testament of God’s faithfulness and a complete act of faith on our part.

A friend text me last week after driving by our first house, because she noticed the “sale pending” sign. She said, “Brianne! I’ve been praying for you to sell your house when I pass it… and I just saw the sale pending sign!!! I’m so excited for you!” My eyes filled with tears knowing that another person (other than family!) had prayed for our specific circumstances. She cared enough and was so intentional with her prayer. Everyone needs a prayer warrior friend like her.

If you’ve followed my blog for awhile, you know that this house was our labor of love. We bought it as a foreclosure and poured lots of sweat, tears, and blood into it. It was a project that took time and investment. We were blessed to have friends and family help us and spend countless hours renovating the place. (A big shout out to Trevin, the Glows, my parents, and in-laws.) You can view photos here and see the progress evolve here.

We’ve made so many memories on Westgate Drive. Heck, we made two babies there! We were just babies ourselves when we bought the place. We’ve made new friends there. We’ve hosted birthday parties, baby showers, and spontaneous backyard barbecues. We’ve grown as a couple and a family under that roof.  So it’s obvious why it’s such a bittersweet goodbye.

It’s sayonara and good riddance to a 2nd mortgage, but goodbye to a past season of life. Goodbye to the memories made in our first home.


Side note, for those that don’t know: Trevin (the guy in the picture with us) is one of Justin’s best friends. In 2012, the two of them purchased the house to flip and we ended up staying. Technically, he and Justin were the first owners of the house. He’s put a ton of time into this house (& our new one, too!) and we are so thankful for him.

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