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I’m so interested in what everyone purchased on Amazon Prime Day! I know I wasn’t the only one excited and snagging great deals. And when I thought Prime Day couldn’t get any better, Target threw out their flash, one day sale! I’m pretty sure Prime Day became the new Black Friday. Thank you, Amazon and Target! You successfully emptied my wallet and stocked the gift closet for Christmas (in July!).

What did I buy?

For Justin and myself, we splurged on a new coffee maker. We’ve been brewing coffee with our Keurig since 2012 (a wedding gift) and it was on it’s last leg. My sister is a coffee guru and had us eyeing the Ninja Coffee Bar®. Regularly priced $169.99, we snagged it for $108.

For the family, I couldn’t resist adding a few more, Himalayan salt lamps to our collection. With so many health benefits from these lamps, it was a deal I couldn’t pass up. Amazon had them for 40% off. My favorite feature is the dimmer, and they look so pretty around the house.

Justin and I have always loved puzzles, so it’s really a treat that Joy Belle and Britt do too. They’ve gotten bored with their board puzzles and had been asking for bigger ones. I was so excited to find this collection of Disney jigsaw puzzles. We’ve done one a week since they arrived. (Justin gets way more into it than we do.)

For the kids, I managed to get a great deal of Christmas shopping done. PlayDoh is an activity my littles love and it’s less messy than most too. Instead of fretting over dried out doh, I just stock up on these smaller containers and toss whatever gets left out and hardened. I’ll probably put some of these in their stockings.

They also are really creative and love to color and paint. I was excited to find Crayola Pipsqueak kids markers 30% off. I love to stock up on the rolls of Melissa & Doug or IKEA art paper too. We roll this out and let them get creative with watercolor, paint, markers, or crayons. It makes for easy clean up too!

Before Joy Belle’s birthday, I had no idea what a Hatchimal was… but apparently it’s all the rave. She picked one up at Target, off of a random shelf, and asked for it for her birthday. Of course I had no idea these little toys were $60-ish! Let’s just say, Joy Belle did NOT get a Hatchimal for her birthday. However, when I saw this set as a flash deal, I knew it was a great, Christmas gift for her.

Britt’s birthday is this week, so I knew Prime Day was a great time to shop for him. He’s been trying to ride Joy Belle’s little princess bike for months, but is too small; so I was excited to find this Radio Flyer tricycle on sale. He’s also getting this adorable tractor duo and fishing game too. (Unless I decide to put some of these up for Christmas, which is likely too.)

Sources (top to bottom, left to right): Ninja Coffee Bar®, Himalayan salt lamp, Radio Flyer tricycle, Disney puzzles, John Deere tractor set, Crayola Pipsqueak markers, Melissa & Doug fishing game, and the Hatchimal twins. Not pictured: play doh.

Nothing has trumped my Instant Pot deal I scored last year. And really, nothing was very important or a big deal this year. Even though, I am slightly obsessed with the coffee maker.

So, tell me – what do you buy? What was the best deal you found? And what’s your favorite purchase?

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