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Anyone else love a good alliteration? I’ve always been a fan. I’ve also always been a fan of leopard print and am over the moon that it’s back on trend. It falls in the neutral category for me, which is probably the best description for my style. Neutral. My closet is color coordinated and ranges from white to black, with minimal pieces of color or pattern.

While I do not think I’m a fashionista or trend setter, I’ve stumbled upon some affordable accessories and clothing that won’t break the bank, but will keep you in style this season. To keep it fun, I’ve found deals and dupes of most of these fashion finds I’m loving right now. If I’m going to follow a trend, it’s got to be affordable! So, here’s my round up.

Let me start with all of the trendy accessories. I’m obsessed with the 90s inspired hair accessories that are back in style. I’ve snagged a few from Anthropologie, but am loving these dupes on Amazon too.

Velvet, pearl headbands
2 color options on Anthropolgie, $24 | 3 pack with various color options on Amazon, $13

Target, $23 | tall crown in taupe on Anthropologie, $128| 16 different color options on Amazon, $16

Pearl hair clips
2 color options on Anthropolgie, $18 | 12 pack on Amazon, $9

Scarf scrunches
2 pack with 2 color options on Anthropolgie, $20 | 12 pack on Amazon, $13

Tortoise hair clips
6 pack of mini clips on Anthropologie, $24 | 3 pack of large clips on Anthropologie, $18 | Amazon, $13

Finding shoes in such a small size (I seriously wear a size 4.5 women or 2 children) is difficult, so I purchase most of my shoes from Nordstrom. On occasion, I can find a pair from Target that fit and I always feel like I’ve scored big.

Leather heeled mules (snake skin options)
Target, $38 | Nordstrom, $90 | Anthropologie, $119

Suede backless mules
Target, $25 | Amazon, $37-$61 | Nordstrom, $91

Cut-out ankle boots
6 color options on Target, $35 | 16 color options on Amazon, $33

Wedge sneakers
Target, $38 | Nordstrom, $100+

Jeans this fall are everything. I am loving the various styles to chose from and that these styles are flattering on all shapes and sizes. My personal favorites are the flare, but I’m always a fan of skinny jeans too. And black denim is giving me all the heart eyes right now!

Flare jeans
Target, $28 | Madewell, $99 (sale)

Black denim
Target, $25 | Nordstrom, $128 | Madewell, $135

Skinny jeans
Target, $20 | Madewell, $128

Corduroy skirt
Target, $25 | Madewell, $85

Target’s Universal Thread brand has become my favorite jeans. They fit me so well and they’ve recently added a “curvy” style that is so comfy.

Leopard print is back, back again. Wait. Was it ever gone? I feel like it’s such a great neutral pattern for all seasons, but particularly this fall. I love it’s neutral colors, and due to popularity – it’s everywhere. Here is a roundup of my favorite, leopard print finds for fall.

Leopard print sweater
Walmart, $19 | Target, $33 | Anthropologie, $120

Leopard print blouse
Walmart, $16 | Target, $30 | Anthropologie, $98

Leopard print top
Walmart, $14 | Target, $20 | Anthropologie, $40

And lastly, let me roundup my favorite sleeves! I can’t get enough of these various sleeve lengths and styles. It’s such a simple change-up, but can add so much to an outfit.

Puff sleeve
Walmart, $18 | Target, $23

Elbow length sleeve
Walmart, $7 | Target, $12

What’s your favorite style or trend that’s back or new? Tell me what I’ve missed and what you’re loving from my finds.

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