Natural Lashes That Wow!

Younger me had long, curl-on-their-own lashes. Post-partum, 30-something me noticed shorter, barely there lashes.

I tried vitamins and supplements. I tried lash extensions, which I loved, but couldn’t find the time for upkeep. I tried falsies, but I’m actually not that good at applying them, even with practice!

A friend recommended Hello Skincare’s lash serum. The natural ingredients of peptides, vegan stem cells, vitamins, and amino acids appealed to me. (I like to be able to read and know what ingredients I’m putting on my body!) I decided to try the 6 month lash therapy kit. I used the serum daily for the first 3 months and saw results as early as 6 weeks. I was actually blown away by the quick results! Not only did I notice the new, longer growth, but so did others. Friends started asking if I had lash extensions or falsies on, because my natural lashes are that long and healthy.

Don’t take my word for it. Check out the results for yourself! My lashes now brush my eyebrows.

Pro tip: If you over plucked your brows in the 90s, try this lash serum on your brows. I can pretty much guarantee you’ll notice results, just like with your lashes. Shop lash serum and use Brianne10 for 10% off your order.

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