two months

Two months. It’s been a whole, two months since Justin and I walked down the aisle. Can you believe it? We can’t. It seems just like yesterday that we were counting down to our big day. We’ve been so busy with the hustle-and-bustle of life that neither one of us slowed down enough to realize the one month marker came and went. With new jobs, a new apartment, new purchases, and lots of awesome gifts, we’ve been working hard to organize our lives, get into a routine, and figure out how to live together. Despite what you may be thinking right now, it’s actually been fun. Okay, more like a really great learning experience, with your best friend. It’s the whole with your best friend part that makes everything so much better.

In honor of our two month anniversary, I’m listing out all of my favorite parts of married life. (Justin is tired of making lists. He says, “This is your thing not our thing.” So, you’re going to receive a very feminine list of favorites. Consider that your warning.)

  • sleepovers, I can’t get enough off falling asleep next to my man (even if he snores, loudly)
  • dinner together, I always commented how I couldn’t wait for random Tuesday dinners and that’s exactly what I love – with us always doing the long distance thing, this will forever be something I’m appreciative of 
  • Saturday mornings, when we are home
  • double dates, with good friends
  • cooking for him (although I must confess, this has only happened a handful of times so far)
  • furniture shopping (new couch, bed, coffee table, t.v. stand, etc.)
  • seeing him walk in the door after work
  • using all of our new presents and admiring some of them
  • stepping over his boots to grab my heels
  • our “I love you because…” notes, seen here (thank you, Bethany)
  • kisses in the mornings, even when they represent our good-bye for the next 8 hours
(photography by K&R Photography)
At one of our wedding showers, each guest was asked to give me the best marital advice they could offer. If you could give me one bit of advice on marriage, what would it be? If you are married, I’d love to hear your favorite parts of married life too.
because of Him,
the newlyweds

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