Good-bye, June. Hello, July! Now that we’re almost settled, getting into routines, and soaking up the married life, we are excited about crossing off some to-do lists and relaxing this July. Although July is promising lots of sunshine and relaxation, there are lots of other things we are looking forward to this month.

  1. enjoying the fruit of our labor, a clean house
  2. thank-you notes – we’re ahead of the game, but we still have lots to go
  3. birthdays (my Daddy, his Mom, his Meme, my Aunt)
  4. sharing wedding photos
  5. more lunch dates
  6. The Dark Knight Rises
  7. 4th of July celebrations
  8. decorating, actually hanging photos & art on the walls
  9. dinner parties
  10. wedding & showers, it’s so that time in our lives
  11. The History Channel’s, Hatfields & McCoys
  12. my new book & his new book
  13. family dinner, we both want to have our parents over soon!
  14. my July Birchbox
  15. new fishing pole
(photography by K&R Photography)
How excited are you for July? Do you have any big plans or high hopes?
happy July,
the newlyweds
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