high five for friday

It’s finally Friday and although it was technically a short, work week (thanks to a birthday road-trip) – I’m so glad, excited, and relieved it’s finally Friday. Not that we have big plans this weekend, but because we don’t have big plans this weekend. Despite our lack of big plans, I do have a short list of things I’m looking forward to this weekend. Want to hear?

  1. finally tackling our gallery wall project, which will include this frame, this sign, and some special photos I’ve been collecting
  2. relaxing with my love at home
  3. crafting with a map (hopefully I can share next week!)
  4. trying a few new recipes I found on Pinterest
  5. and… a secret project Mallory and I have up our sleeve, more about this later

Now, that’s worth a high five for Friday! Do you have any exciting plans this weekend? A list of things you’ve accomplished (or just really enjoyed) this past week?

happy Friday,
the newlyweds
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